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Pvc Pulverizer suppliers

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    20 июн 2019
    Pvc powder making machine
    BRIGHTERMACHINERY’s pvc powder making machine provides 3 models from MF500 to realize 150-200kg/h (30mesh) for pvc scraps , and MF600 to get about 350kg/h , and MF800 to meet about 500kg/h.
    PVC powder varies from 10 mesh to 80 mesh depending on the gap between rotary and static blades, and specification of sieve net in vibrating separator.
    Under consideration of smooth production by the pvc powder making machine , vibrating feeder is installed to control the feeding speed of pvc scraps.
    In the actual production , the working flow of the pvc powder making machine can be classified as four main system , feeding , pulverizing ,separation ,air dust removing.
    The blade design is usually used to distinguish the difference of the plastic pulverizers , pvc powder making machine adopts small rectangle blades ,install the blades around a round rotor ,which is easy to be disassembled and maintained . Cheap price of the blades also makes the pvc powder making machine a low cost for future production in customer’s project.
    ModelRotor Diameter mmMotor kwCapacity kg/h
    MF80068075450Pvc Pulverizer suppliers

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