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    Calpack™55 2 in 1 Seal & Shrink Machine
    1. Semi Automatic shrink wrapping machine can perform Seal & Shrink in one time.
    2. Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines are commonly used for packing of irregular shape or relatively large product or smaller companies that do not require the high-speed packaging of their products.
    3. The reason for different packing speed is due to the manual collating of the POF shrink film or products.
    4. Digital temperature control can improve shrink and seal machine packing results.

    1. Advanced microelectronics controller, touch pad controls with digital display
    2. 3 operating modes-seal only, seal and shrink, seal then shrink
    3. 16 program memories for storing operating parameters
    4. Self-diagnostic function with alarms for troubles shooting
    5. Product counter
    6. Sealing time is adjustable and strong sealing line
    7. CE Certification

    Technical parameters:
    Technical parameters
    TypeCALPACK™ 55
    Speed of packing6~8/min
    Sealing AreaL x W:550 x 420mm
    Max Product DimL x W x H:500x400x200mm
    Power1 Ø 220v 50/60Hz
    Machine DimL x W x H:1160x650x1070mm
    Net Weight95KG
    Warranty12 months

    * Note:
    1. Maximum of all 3 dimensions is not possible. Please use due caution and consider sealing area, film type, film width
    2. Speed depends on operator skill/training as well as on product size/product stability and film used.

    Product photo:
    1. The fuselage used the imported paint powder, advanced painting technology; the surface is not easy to wear
    2. Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine working chamber is made of stainless steel structure
    3. Bedplate of work, it’s very convenient to separate folded POF shrink film
    4. High quality Teflon material sealing cutter
    5. Control panel is easy to operate
    6. Stainless steel product loading tray
    7. Stainless steel wipes clean interior
    8. Powder coated frame
    9. Magnetic hold down for shrinking film

    Working theory:
    Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine make packs with the film clinging to the product by sealing the heat shrink film over the product and then applying heated air around the pack to shrink the film (2 in 1 seal and shrink).
    Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine can be used with a variety of shrink films with thickness of 15 microns to 75 microns. The film used must be centre-folded and can be pre-perforated. In case of non-perforated film, the machine is provided with perforator pin-wheels to make the air evacuation holes on the film during the packing process. The machine is capable of production speeds of up to about 360~560 packages per hour depending on the Proficiency of the operation and type of plastic film used but mostly it will use POF shrink film to meet the applications of packaging.

    Compact, Energy Efficient, and Versatile
    1.Mobile wrapping machine with lockable castors
    2. 2 in 1 Seal & Shrink Machine works on single-phase power with low energy consumption
    3.Easy to shrink and wrap odd shapes with manual product handling
    4.Suitable for multi-packs with no product conveying

    After Service:
    Operators training course---
    We will send the check list and operation video to discuss on social program to do operation training including-------

    a) Machine start up
    i.Power supply check up
    iii.Adjust temperature
    iv.Adjust sealing time
    v.Install film
    b)Packing training
    i.Adjust film roller
    ii.Prevent packaging defects training,
    c)Daily Maintenance
    d)Monthly Maintenance
    e)Basic repair

    Troubles shooting training:
    1.we will send the check list and operation video to discuss on social program
    2.We will send our experienced technicians to fix the problems but the accommodation and traveling fee will charge to our clients overseas.

    Applications of our Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine and packing materials contain food, cosmetic, pharmacy, electronics, toys, detergents and mechanical industries etc for those who needs outstanding shrinkage, high transparency and good versatilities usage.
    Packing for mechanical industries
    Packing for food
    Packing for cosmetic
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